The Dartmouth Division

Dec 16 2017

Army 10th Mountain Division Uniform.jpgLast week at the Army-Navy game the cadets wore uniforms commemorating the Army's 10th Mountain Division -- the formation that most merits the name the "Dartmouth Division." A total of 119 College men served in the 10th (the largest contingent from the Ivies) in WWII, and the unit's ski instructor was varsity coach Walter Prager. A prior coach, Otto Schniebs, and John McCrillis '19 had written the 10th's training bible in 1932: Modern Ski Technique.

The unit saw fierce combat in 1945 in the mountains of northern Italy; six Dartmouth men lost their their lives there: Robert W. St. Louis '30, Joseph J. Duncan '40, Roger W. Herrick '40, Jacob R. Nunnemacher '42 (Captain of the 1941-42 Ski Team), Joel S. Coffin '44, and Roger D. Emerson '46. May the hills winds know their names.

The Alumni Magazine ran a profile of the unit in its January/February 2001 edition, and the Passion for Snow video has a segment (1:56-3:50) on the 10th:

Addendum: After the war Walter Prager coached the 1948 U.S. Olympic Ski Team. He also designed and built the Dartmouth Skiway.

Addendum: The New England Ski Museum reports that after the war 10th Mountain Division battalion sergeant major "John Rand ['38] settled into a long career as director of the Dartmouth Outing Club. He was involved with all aspects of the DOC, including many that involved the college's ski programs. At a time when search and rescue in New Hampshire was not so formally organized as it is at present, Rand and the outing club provided much-needed manpower and oversight for large incidents. Over his four decades with the DOC, Rand influenced generations of Dartmouth students as they learned outdoor skills that for many became lifelong pastimes."


Trump and the Stock Market

Dec 15 2017

Dartmouth Professor of Economics Eric Zitzewitz and BU's Economics Professor Raymond Fisman have a piece in the NYT today entitled Is Trump Driving the Stock Market Rally? The answer: it's complicated.


Silence Re: Early Decision

Dec 15 2017

Almost all of the other Ivies have reported on the number of acceptance offers that they have given to Early Decision applicants, and on the number of applicants compared to last year. Everyone's total applicant number is either steady or up substantially. No word yet from the Dartmouth Office of Admissions. I wonder why.

Addendum: The College Office of Communication's Diana Lawrence tells me that the information will only be released on Monday.

Addendum: An alumnus writes in:

Just saw Diana's response to you. Running the story on Monday seems bizarre. This cannot be good news for Dartmouth. They've known the application figure since early November and have had plenty of time to shape the messaging. The folks on College Confidential seem restless and disturbed that Dartmouth has not released results.

Maybe they are waiting to announce in conjunction with Phil's resignation (wishful thinking). More likely they are waiting for the national news to announce Ivy results without Dartmouth to avoid the negative contrast.

Addendum: Another alumnus proposes an alternative view:

The accepted wisdom on news you don't want people to know is to release it on a Friday afternoon. That they're waiting until Monday makes me wonder if it really is that bad.

Perhaps there's something else going on...or perhaps that accepted wisdom just hasn't reached McNutt Hall?

Addendum: One alumnus who interviews students reports that the number of ED applicants in his district was up substantially this year.