Become a Dartblog Source

Jul 22 2014

Crowd-sourcing might not be the right term for what journalists do, but if you care about the College and see her weaknesses through the same lens as the writers in this space, you might want to help us out. Do you know areas of waste and incompetence at Dartmouth that need sunlight shone on them? By sharing documents, pictures and details with Dartblog, we can bring information to the attention of the public, the administration and the Trustees -- the latter all read us almost every day -- that they might never see.

All the P's MenA.jpgAnd you can do so risk free. Unlike Robert Redford in All the President's Men (or Bob Woodward in real life), sources no longer have to meet reporters in underground parking garages.

Just create a new Gmail e-mail address for yourself, give it a playful name -- how about -- and send us news, tips, observations, documents, and your special thoughts about how to make the College a better place for students, faculty and staff. We can chat, and together we can expose secrets that should not be hidden. Needless to say, your confidentiality is guaranteed. Though we are eminently trustworthy, you really don't need to trust us; equipped with an anonymous e-mail address, we have no way of finding out who you are. In fact, we don't even try. Our concern is only that you care enough about the College to reveal what so many people don't want revealed.

Write to us at We look forward to hearing from you.


Thank Heavens for Brown

Jul 21 2014

At least we're not in last place in the Ivies: Brown is ranked the 81st university in the world; we come in at 44th. The other six of the Ancient Eight are 14th or better:

CWUR Comp.jpg

The summary of the survey's methodology is above. Clearly our small size is a hindrance to performance according to the scales the Center for World University Rankings has chosen to use. For a full description of the ranking methodology used by the CWUR -- located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia -- click here.


Norwich Diary: Stream of Consciousness

Jul 20 2014

Our favorite summer swimming spot over in Norwich is in fine form: freezing cold water tinged an emerald green. We go twice or even three times a day when it's hot and humid.

Swimming Hole.JPG

Paddling around in a rushing current is refreshing; the flow takes away your body heat in short order. Also, it is fun to swim upstream under the current and then surface into the foam of the waterfall. Simple pleasures. Of course, getting in can take a little effort.