A Great Time for a Capital Campaign

Oct 16 2017

The Wall Street Journal notes the current wonderful environment for academic fundraising:

And, in fact, donations to Tuck are at a record level: gifts this year of $31.1 million were the highest ever, and the Tuck Annual Giving (TAG) campaign broke its own record for a third straight year.

Needless to say, the article's observation applies at the undergraduate level, too, which puts into even sharper relief Phil's failure to bring in the spondoolicks.


I Want to Ride My Bicycle

Oct 15 2017

Pain Poîlane.jpgOn recent trips I've brought back a pain Poilâne from Paris: a long-lasting loaf that makes wonderful toast for about ten days. But bread is not today's subject. A few weeks ago I didn't have much time to travel across town to the Poilâne bakery at #8 rue de Cherche-Midi in the 6ème, so I thought to drive. Bad idea. As Google Maps made clear, in Paris biking is often the faster way to go:

Poilane By Bike and Car.jpg

Twenty-one harried minutes in a car versus nineteen minutes of whirring exercise on a bike -- not to mention that with a Vélib one does not have to spend time parking at either end of the trip. Even over a distance of more than three miles, what's not to like?

Addendum: In our area of Paris, Vélib bikes are often unavailable. We are in an elevated section of town, so I imagine that people like to coast downhill away from our neighborhood rather than ride up to the northern part of the 16ème. And the Vélib system still struggles with hordes of damaged bikes.

Addendum: The Vélib folks recently announced that from October 2017 through March 2018 all of Paris' bike stations would be modified to double their capacity, and that a new generation of bikes would be introduced (with 30% of them having electrical assist). Hallélujah!


Hanover High Golfers Win Yet Again

Oct 15 2017

There is real value to having a golf course close by:

HHS Golf Team.jpg

Their fifth title in seven years.