Powerline on Dartmouth Hiring

Mar 27 2015

Paul Mirengoff '71 at Powerline blog riffs on the profiles of many of the College's newly hired professors -- as self-depicted in the print publication Dartmouth Life, which is mailed to alumni. He sees a pattern of radicalism and a departure from traditional seriousness:

Powerline Hiring.jpg

His conclusion:

The good news is that Dartmouth has hired three new Economics professors, none of whom tips off his ideological leanings. Perhaps there's a causal relationship here: the Economics department is beefing up because students like taking courses about non-quirky subject matter from professors who aren't on a political/ideological mission.

Unfortunately, unless you want to major in Economics, Mathematics, or a hard science, it's probably even more difficult now than it was in my daughter's time (2006-10) to fill one's schedule with such courses.

Our new Provost, Carolyn Dever, seems fixated on the problematic subject of diversity, even though the College is deluged with more pressing concerns, but she has not revealed an ideological agenda. I know, I know, the two go together, but let's cut the lady a little slack. For the time being we will trust but verify.


The Return of Rolling Stone?

Mar 27 2015

Katie Van Syckle.jpgFreelance journalist Katie Van Syckle '05 will be coming to Dartmouth next week to work on a story about Phil Hanlon's Moving Dartmouth Forward initiative. As her website notes, "She contributes regularly to New York Magazine and Rolling Stone. She has written for Bloomberg Business Week, Style.com, Nylon, the New York Daily News, The Daily, Atlantic.com, WSJ.com, BonAppetit.com and the New Orleans Times-Picayune." Over the last year she has focused her writing on sexual assault on campuses.

Needless to say, Bored@Baker's energetic tipsters had the story first:

RS B@B1.jpg

Katie can be reached by e-mail at: katievan@gmail.com


AD's Brand Management

Mar 26 2015

AD's attorney George Ostler '77, who frequently represents students in their disciplinary disputes with the College, has issued a statement to the press regarding the branding incident that is receiving so much attention:

AD Statement.jpg

The Valley News has an extensive story today on the ongoing drama.

Addendum: ABC News reports on the story, beginning with a regrettable lead:

Dartmouth College is cracking down further on one of its most notorious fraternity houses in response to accusations of the branding of new members.

Addendum: A faculty member notes that branding is common among black Greek houses across the country.